Tornado 5.4m Coach Boat

Tornado 5.4m Coach Boat (17 feet) is very suited for sailing coaches. The hull is designed with a very narrow V-shape and high lifted bow, which helps to secure remarkable sea-keeping properties for a boat of its size.

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Tornado 5.4m Coach Boat

Tornado 54.m High Performance is very comfortable and safe, as well as offers great performance, the V-shaped hull provides stability, as well as is a dry boat that helps the coach to concentrate on his work.

Rigid Inflatable Boat:

17 feet. Including outside life-lines, heavy-duty fender strake, under deck cable system, anti-slip deck with aluminum chips, overpressure valves, inflation pump, and draining bailer tube.


  • ANTI-SLIP BOARDING PANELS – Bow section also.
  • CHP Narrow Pedestal Console.
  • Master Crew Seat Single – Jockey seat.
  • Stainless Steel seat back tow post
  • Stainless Steel Lift Rings. 3 points light duty.

Technical Specification

Length5550 mm
Widht2350 mm
Weight*310 kg*
Tube diameter520 mm
Capacity1153 kg / 8 persons
Max Engine110 hk / 120 kg; 165 (XL)
Air chamber5
Internal length4050 mm
Internal width1350 mm
* This is our estimate for a standard boat without options, engine and fuel



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