Tornado 5.4m High Performance RIB


And UP…

BASIC OPEN BOAT: Length 18.20 feet Bean: 7.71 feet. Including outside life-lines, heavy duty fender strake, under deck cable system, anti-slip deck with aluminium chips, overpressure valves, inflation pump and draining bailer tube.

  • ANTI-SLIP BOARDING PANELS – Bow section also.
  • CHP Narrow Pedestal Console.
  • Master Crew Seat Single – Jockey seat.
  • Stainless Steel seat back tow post
  • Stainless Steel Lift Rings. 3 points light duty.

General Information

The Tornado HP 5.4m model is, together with it’s larger sister model, one of the most popular boats in use by sailboat coaches all over the world. Ideally suited for anything from a family leisure boat used for water skiing to a serious rough water rescue craft.

The deep ‘V’-hull design of this boat gives greater lift at low speeds and planes faster whilst remaining a true offshore going boat. The HP 5.4m is a high-speed boat that moves well in the waves, a perfect boat for leisure as well as a working tool.

Technical Specification
Length5550 mm
Widht2350 mm
Weight*330 kg*
Tube diameter500 mm
Capacity1100 kg / 8 persons
Max Engine100 HK / 175 kg
Air chamber5
Internal length4050 mm
Internal width1350 mm
CE certificationCategory C
* This is our estimate for a standard boat without options, engine and fuel