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Professional Boats, authorized representative of Tornado Boats (Denmark) it’s proud to be sponsors of the Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA).

Based on this alliance,  we  offer a discount to all ICSA affiliated colleges and universities between 8 and 10% and we will contribute an additional 4% to ICSA for each sale made of Our Coach Boats during the year 2019.

All our small and medium-sized RIBs are particularly suited for coaching, because their relatively short length make them fast, agile and 100 % reliable. And what makes Tornado RIBs ideal for the dedicated sailing coach is the classic V-hull design. This design offers comfort and safety in the hardest conditions, and ensures that you won’t feel beaten up, even after 8 hours at sea, which is why our coach boats are being used worldwide at Yacht Club practice and at championships and regattas.

Our company represents one of the most prestigious rigid inflatable boat brands in the world, based in Denmark and with more than 40 years producing the strongest RIBS in the world. In addition, we have the RIB rental service throughout the country with the best, most modern and best maintained coach fleet in the United States.

Our prices are amazing, the best in the Coach Boats market.

4.8m Multi Purpose RIB

Regular Price From $20,591
ICSA Affiliate Price: From $18,943.72

5.4m High Performance

Regular Price From $22,901
ICSA Affiliate Price: From $21,068.92

5.8m High Performance

Regular Price From $25,720
ICSA Affiliate Price: From $23,662.40

6.0m Coach Boats

Regular Price From $30,728
ICSA Affiliate Price From $28,269.76

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