Tornado Boat 4.8m Multi Purpose

This rigid inflatable boat is one of the most popular boats in use by sailboat coaches today, but it is also well suited for a range of other uses including rescue, diving, or police work. Tornado 4.8m is excellent for sailing school. 

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Tornado Boat 4.8m

Rigid Inflatable Boat 4.8M: Length 15.91 feet Bean: 6.56 feet. Including outside life-lines, heavy-duty fender strake, under deck cable system, anti-slip deck with aluminum chips, overpressure valves, inflation pump and draining bailer tube.


  • Anti-slip boarding panels.
  • MHC console with Jockey Seat.
  • Stainless Steel Tow post behind the seat.
  • 3-way light-duty lifting points.

Technical Specification

Length4850 mm
Widht2350 mm
Weight*275 kg*
Tube diameter450 mm
Capacity765 kg / 6 persons
Max Engine70 hk / 120 kg
Air chamber5
Internal length3580 mm
Internal width1100 mm
* This is our estimate for a standard boat without options, engine and fuel



You can feel confident with our Tornado Boat 4.8m Multi Purpose, like all our boats this boat offers you durability and excellent performance.

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