Victory at Sea: Highlights from the 2023 J/70 World Championship

Nov 7, 2023

Last week, we had the privilege of witnessing the seamless execution of the 2023 J/70 World Championship, orchestrated by the J/70 Class and hosted by the St Petersburg Yacht Club. A total of eighty-three teams from 15 countries—Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States—competed for glory.

Tom Mallindine and Charlie Thompson, along with their skilled crew members Chris Grube, Ben Saxton, and Elisabeth Whitener, steered Brutus III (GBR) to a commanding victory, clinching the coveted J/70 World Championship title for the UK. This exciting championship, held at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club in Florida, unfolded over ten races in truly impressive conditions from October 31 to November 4.

Brutus III started with a humble score of 53, but their skill and determination ensured that they never finished below 13 in the following races. As a result, they concluded with a net total of 54 points. Despite a UFD penalty in the second race, Bruce Golison’s Midlife Crisis (USA) secured a well-deserved second place with 81 net points. Laura Grondin led Dark Energy (USA) to a commendable third place overall and was honored with the Helen Chisolm Johnstone Perpetual Heli Trophy for her achievement.

The Corinthian World Championship title went to Lee Sackett and Dave Kerr. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is the fact that their teammate, Erica Trejo, is expecting a child.

At Professional Boats, we take great pride in having supported this exceptional event with our Tornado Boats. The impeccable organization of the event stands as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the J/70 Class and the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. We were thrilled to witness our fleet of Tornado Boats exceed the expectations of both the organizing team and the regatta committee, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to providing excellence on the water.

During the event, our 5 Tornado boats played a pivotal role in supporting the Jury, who maintained an active presence within the fleet, making crucial decisions on the water. This event allowed us to offer an exceptional experience that goes beyond the mere rental of our boats. “Rent The Experience” continues to be a valid invitation to experience the best we have to offer.