Discover the 5 Critical Coach Boat Selection Mistakes!

Sep 14, 2023

Some club boards and organizations may encounter challenges or difficulties when it comes to choosing the right coach boat. This can lead to both economic and technical consequences for the sailing team. Here are some common mistakes made when replacing or purchasing a new coach boat:

1.- Inappropriate Sizing:

Selecting a boat that is either too small or too large for its intended use. This can lead to stability issues, inadequate capacity, or difficulties in maneuvering.
At Tornado Boats, we have a longstanding tradition of designing and manufacturing customized coach boats. Our small and medium-sized RIBs are particularly well-suited for coaching due to their compact size, which ensures they are fast, agile, and 100% reliable.

2.- Inadequate Stability of Coach Boat:

It is crucial to consider a boat’s stability before choosing it for activities like training.
The error occurs especially when, due to ignorance, they choose tourist boats or tenders modified to look like coach boats.
Adapting a boat to work is not the same as using a boat specifically designed for it.

3.- Poor Quality or Durability:

Opting for a low-quality or poorly constructed RIB boat can result in frequent maintenance issues, reduced longevity, and potential safety concerns.
The most common problems are found in the durability of the tubes and the hull laminate.
At Tornado, we prioritize quality and safety above all else. We firmly believe in using only the best production methods and materials, rather than resorting to cheap and easy alternatives. As one of the few RIB manufacturers in the world, we take pride in crafting our RIBs from 100% polyurethane fabric, guaranteeing the highest possible standard of quality and safety for our customers.


Polyurethane is far superior in every way to common fabrics like Hypalon and PVC, which is also why Polyurethane is especially recommended by military experts for professional RIBs. In 1993 the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center did a study on polyurethane and the advantages of using it for Rigid Inflatable Boats. The Technical Memorandum concludes: “The data shows that the Urethane coated fabric is considerably stronger than the Hypalon® coated fabric.”
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4.- Ignore reviews from users and sailing coaches:

Failing to listen to experts and those who will be using the boat is a crucial oversight. A good coach boat empowers not only the coach but also the entire team.
We take great pride in providing our clients with an exceptional navigation experience and top-notch support as a dealer. We are pleased to see that our clients have recognized Tornado Boats as a reliable and trustworthy partner for their boating needs.

5.- Inadequate dealer support:

Choosing a boat from a dealer or manufacturer that does not provide sufficient support, including maintenance services, warranty coverage, or parts availability.

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Remember, when selecting a coach boat, it is vital to consider how it aligns with your teaching approach, the class of sailing you instruct, and the specific conditions in your training area.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are delighted to share our experience and knowledge with you, and no inquiry is irrelevant.