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Professional Boats is an American company authorized by Tornado Boats LTD, based in Denmark to exclusively market all its models in the United States.

Our boats are 100% customized, from 3.9M to 12.5M.

Our Ribs

Our Tornado Boats

We can develop specific models for each need where the customer can choose colors, sizes, models, equipment, motors, and accessories that fit their needs. Our boats are 100% customized, from 3.9M to 12.5M. We have a wide range of workboats for the toughest tasks in the sea such as tow, rescue, bridging, diving among many others. Its resistance makes it the ideal and most durable boat on the market.

Boat for Sailing Coach

We have a  fleet of Tornado from 3.9M to 6.0M, equipped with everything necessary for the work of a sailing coach, a race judge, sailing judges, and expected.

Tornado Coach Boats

What makes Tornado RIBs ideal for the dedicated sailing coach or any other support function that demands long days at sea, is the classic V-hull design. This design offers comfort and safety in the hardest conditions and ensures that you won’t feel beaten up, even after 8 hours at sea, which is why our coach boats are being used worldwide at Yacht Club practice and at championships and regattas. 

Charter Coach Boats

Professional Boats has a big fleet of Tornado Boats, equipped with everything necessary so that the work of a sailing coach, a race judge, a diver, or just a family on a day trip can enjoy the quality of our boats.

Why Tornado Boats?

Simply, because we are the toughest!

& Our Customers Confirm It


Sales Contact: Scott Norman

Phone: (727) 692-4366

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